About Us


Who are they? :

They ARE was founded in 2018 from the visionary dreams of two kindred spirits Martina Boneva and Hristina Chekova. Creating clothing and swimwear that gracefully embrace a woman’s natural body. The brand’s name, “They ARE” reflects the distinct personalities of its founders, embodying a duality of wildness and calm, doubt and confidence. The balance between subtlety and allure pays homage to the style sensibilities passed down by their mothers. They, too, were women of elegance, whether knitting exquisite sweaters or stitching slip dresses back in the 90s.

Today our vision represents a form of self-expression, where each design tells stories of comfortable liberation and chic charm. The energy we infuse into our garments reflects the positivity and vibrancy we wish to radiate.

As we like to say: “Be the energy you want to attract. “

We believe in infusing positive energy into our garments, with each wear, you become a carrier of our passion and a beacon of confident allure. This energy is expertly woven into every piece, ready to be transferred to every woman who wears a They ARE piece.


Our pieces are created thoughtfully, consciously, and slowly without overproducing, manufactured locally in Bulgaria in family-owned factories with 100% recyclable packaging. With a harmonious partnership that has been cultivated over the years, we work seamlessly as one entity, ensuring that every woman who wears our creations becomes a part of our world.

Our swimwear is made from revolutionary, eco-friendly fabric, designed to be chlorine and sunscreen resistant and to provide. ECONYL®, a fabric that turns waste into fashion and interior solutions. Instead of generating waste, materials including carpet pieces, fishing nets, and other discarded nylon are recovered, regenerated, and transformed by Aquafil into ECONYL® yarn, which is then used to produce eco-friendly fabrics, performing just as well as any other standard fabric. Through using ECONYL®, we succeed at bringing beautiful swimwear pieces to life, without the environmental harm and waste, often associated with the process.


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